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The News

Sining Galing Art Program

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Ms. Rosalie preparing a pre-activity of the life map artwork 
“Eagle, kasi nakaklipad siya at natatanaw niya lahat ng bagay. Gaya niya, gusto ko rin matanaw ang mundo”, says Cokie, a 15-year old Sendong survivor, when asked what his life symbol is.
Just like Cokie, most artists take inspiration from one's dreams and aspirations to create masterful art pieces. That is why Ms. Rosalie Zerrudo, facilitator of the Arts and Handicrafts, Environment and Art Workshop held at Xavier Ecoville on August 11 to 13, opens her sessions by encouraging her participants to share pieces of their life story among one another. 
“Your story is your legacy to the world”, she says -- a legacy worth sharing through art forms.  
The participants take pieces of scrap cloth to create artworks with the following themes: life before, during and after Sendong. As they stitch and cut, they share their individual experiences- some with a dose of drama, some with a punch of humor. A mother shares the tragic tale of losing her 8-year old daughter; another woman shares of her new found friends at an evacuation center. 
Lives intertwined. Individual stories made one.
Meanwhile, the younger participants are making mandala artworks, a type of artwork expressing what is within a person and manifesting it outside, through a communal and concrete artwork. As they share their life symbols to the group and make their mark in the mandala art, they get a better grip of the meaning of one’s life experiences -- such as that of Sendong and its relation to the environment. 
The children and youth now take organic materials and create pictures of birds, trees, mountains and people as they interpret an environmental story through their own artworks. The activity, called Kanta-Storya, speak of their relationship with Mother Earth and how human race can both be the destroyer and savior of the Earth’s existence.
With what they have been through coupled with their inventive nature, they are able to create works of art that both unleashed their artistic skills and deepened their appreciation for the environment. Through the art workshop, they are able to share their community’s story – a story of environmental respect, healing, and a hope for a brighter future.
At the end of the workshops, the participants created a life tapestry, a mandala art and other artworks bearing the story of their community. The shapes and colors spoke of their rich history, their hopeful present and their bright future.  
Through art, Cokie’s life story and those of the other participants can now fly like an eagle. They can reach other communities and inspire people with their sense of hope and resilience. 
The art workshops are initiated by the Xavier University (XU) Center for Culture and Arts’ Sining Galing: The Xavier Ecoville Arts program for the Youth. It will run from August to November this year. The program also offers recurring workshops on: cultural dance, children and teen’s theater, guitar, teen chorale, photography, visual arts and storytelling.  
It involves the XU students, giving them an opportunity to reach out to the Sendong survivors by sharing their artistic talents and skills. These students who are also official talents of the XU Center for Culture and Arts help the community’s youth find their artistic side so they can creatively express their emotions and tell their stories to the world. 
The program aims to provide the youth with a venue for healing through art therapy, to develop appreciation for culture and arts and to introduce them to possible livelihood ventures from their handmade products.
Catch the Sining Galing showcase in the university-wide celebration of the XU Festival Days to take place on November. Come and enjoy the participants’ proud display of their artistic spectacle and be a part of their victorious story as survivors.  
 Xavier Ecoville is the XU-led resettlement site for Sendong survivors in Brgy. Lumbia, Cagayan de Oro City. 
Last Updated on Thursday, 19 September 2013 03:50

Moving In and Moving forward at Xavier Ecoville

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Xavier Ecoville celebrated Dayun Padayun: The Xavier Ecoville Hope Festival and Blessing of Permanent Houses on July 6, Saturday. It opened with a mass presided by Xavier University president Fr. Roberto C. Yap, SJ at the St. Francis Xavier Chapel. This was followed by the ceremonial blessing of all 568 houses. 
The village parade participated by the different organized sectors in Xavier Ecoville set the event to a festive mood. The community cheered as their Homeowners’ Association, Multipurpose Cooperative, Community Health Navigators, Day Care group, Youth Club, Foot Patrollers, Chapel Aides, Senior Citizens and Persons with Disabilities association marched to the activity area.
Benefactors, guests and community members gathered for the event’s opening program. Newly-elected city mayor Oscar Moreno delivered the opening remarks followed by messages from San Miguel Foundation’s Vice Chair Kin Lichauco, Union Bank’s Vismin Region Business Head Amado Castano, Jr. and Habitat for Humanity’s Chief Operating Officer Leonilo Escalada.
In the afternoon, the Xavier Ecoville livelihood center was turned over to the XE Multipurpose Cooperative (XEMPCO). XE’s partners in its livelihood programs including the Peace and Equity Foundation, Maybank, Steag Sate Power Inc., Smart Communications, Rotary Club West and Rustan’s expressed their intent to continue their support to XEMPCO. 
The festival lined up activities for all ages to enjoy- eco-friendly art activities for the children and fun games for the rest of the family. The XU students’ band showdown provided a cheery background as everyone sampled food from the display booths. 
Performers of XE and XU fired up the ruby-red stage in the evening’s grand showcase. From ethnic songs and dances to pop numbers, the showcase offered full entrainment and energy. The launching of the eighty red lanterns was symbolic of XU’s Ruby Jubilee celebration this year and finally, fireworks display concluded the day-long festivities
Last Updated on Monday, 08 July 2013 08:36

Sophia-at-Xavier gives anew for Sendong survivors

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Sophia University alumni who were participants of Sophia-at-Xavier, a biennial cultural program from 1974-2000 between students of Sophia University in Tokyo and Xavier University, have raised ¥ 1M for the survivors of Sendong.
This is the second time that the group did a fund raising activity in behalf of the survivors. The first time was in May 2012, when they raised close to ¥2 M.
As with the previous donation, 50 percent of the money will go to Xavier Ecoville, while the other 50 percent will be given as grant-in-aid for Sendong-affected XU students.
This second cash gift was continuously raised after the first donation and this time especially during the 88th birthday of Fr Francis Mathy SJ, Sophia University professor emeritus who directed the Sophia-at-Xavier program.
“We asked him what he would like to have as a birthday gift,” shared Mariko Tadokoro, Sophia-at-Xavier Batch ’74. “He hesitantly answered that he needed nothing for himself, but that if we insisted on any gift, he would appreciate gift money so that he could add it up to the funds raised previously for CDO.”
Mariko said that she and her fellow Sophia-at-Xavier alumni did as Fr Mathy wished. She added that, “Fr Mathy himself contributed some of his own money to make the donation a million yen.”
Although the Sophia-at-Xavier program ended in 2000, after 14 batches and a total of 275 participants, Mariko and her group continues to remember fondly the people of Cagayan de Oro.
“Our love and gratitude for the people of CDO and Xavier University continue to live in our hearts across time and space, and we wish our little donation would be of any help to those affected by the Sendong."

Seminarians immerse in Xavier Ecoville

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Xavier Ecoville houses 10 seminarians from the Augustinians of the Assumptions for a community exposure from April 26 to May 10. Each seminarian is assigned to a foster home and will offer services to the community throughout their stay.

“We came here with the intention to be available for any help that is needed in the community and to be close with our host families. We also picked Xavier Ecoville because it isa peaceful area and is a place where people are friendly,” said Canadian priest, Fr. Gilles Blouin, 66.

The 10 seminarians, coming from various locations in the Philippines, are sheltered in the Livelihood Center where they help in the business operations while communing with their foster families.

Brother Christopher Quiñal, a seminarian hoping to be ordained in 4 years, said in the vernacular, “Our goal is to be exposed and learn the simple life, do pastoral works, getting to know our fellow Brothers and to render spiritual services to the people.”

Their activities consist of the seminarians cleaning the St. Francis Chapel and conducting the Flores de Mayo and the evening prayer. Each Sunday, Fr. Blouin leads a mass in the St. Francis Xavier Chapel in Xavier Ecoville and another chapel in Gran Europa.

The immersion in Xavier Ecoville is the second year for the Augustinians, hoping to be back once again for a third immersion in 2014. (Althea Dianne Felix-OJT.)


Swimming lessons for kids concluded

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